Art is a thing of little consequence

Art is a thing of little consequence…and I have dedicated my life to it.  This would be tragic, if it weren’t so funny.  As a child I dreamed of changing the world, bringing about world peace, ending racism, empowering women, but instead of pursuing a career that could remake society like president, doctor, or movie maker, I became an artist.  Worse yet, I became a painter, which today is equivalent to shipping freight by camel caravan in the age of FedEx.  Every day I fantasize about a line of work that would pay better, pay consistently, have more impact on the world, and that wouldn’t cause new acquaintances to look away in embarrassment when I tell them what I do for a living.  But everyday I choose to keep being an artist because none of the other choices…satisfy.  This choice is completely irrational, but in this blog I attempt to understand, explain, and share why I need this thing so much…and why you should too.

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